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Eldon’s Welding fabricates many other products from Mild Steel (bare, galvanized or painted finish), Aluminum and Stainless Steel for the gas distribution industry for shipping, handling and storage of cylinders. Some of our other products in this line are suited to a particular customers needs and can be modified to suit another customer.

One of our major strengths is our ability to problem solve and/or improve on existing techniques to maximize our customers performance.

55/110 Cylinder Transporter Cage


Eldon’s Welding manufactures many products for the gas distribution industry for the shipping, handling and storage of high pressure gas cylinders. Our 55/110 cylinder transporter cage is very popular across Canada and the United states and is used by many of the major medical and industrial gas suppliers. This cage has 55 slot openings of 4 9/16” x 4 9/16” and is able to hold 55 cylinders as large as 4 3/8” diameter x 34” long. These cages will also hold 110 cylinders as large as 3 3/16” diameter x 15 ½” lg (2 per slot). Some customers prefer to use aluminum trays for these smaller cylinders which are also available but not necessary. All vertical bars come with a sturdy wear resistant plastic to protect the cylinders from marks and scratches. These transporter cages are also equipped with a tube frame on the top for forklifts to use as well as 6” solid plastic wheels (2 rigid and 2 swivel) and 1 floor brake. We have also recently introduced a new improved door latch to stand up the rigorous use and strapping. These transporter cages are fully customizable to meet our customers’ needs and can be made to hold more or less cylinders in order to change the size and customer preference.

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Cylinder Transportation Pallet

Eldon’s Welding also manufactures large cylinder transportation pallets to be used when shipping large cylinders in pallet trucks. The standard size we build comes with a base 41 ¼”W x 40” lg. and a guard rail 41 ¼”W. x 43”H. and 2 side rails 16”lg. x 43”H. These guard rails come with 4 different heights for strapping the cylinders in place while transporting. The base is made from 3/16” x 1 ¼” bar grating and is able to withstand a load of more than 700 lbs. /sq. ft. Like any of our products the Cylinder Transportation Pallets are fully customizable to meet our customers’ needs.

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